Afbeelding van Rialto eau de parfum 100 ml van het merk Salle Privee

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Afbeelding van Rialto eau de parfum 100 ml van het merk Salle Privee

Salle Privee - Rialto

Inspired by La Dolce Vita: Rialto by Salle Privee takes you on a beautiful, romantic journey, similar to the vibe of a vintage Italian movie. A seductive composition that seamlessly combines naughty amber and creamy sandalwood.

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Image of Headspace collection

Meet the maker: Headspace Event at Perfume Lounge

On October 27, the new perfume brand Headspace will be put in the spotlight. Meet the talented perfumer and founder, Nicolas Chabot, of Headspace. He will share the inspiration behind this French brand with you and explain the scents to you one by one. You will also learn a lot about the interesting Headspace technology: the technique behind the creation of the perfumes.

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Image of Encounters 30 ml extrait de parfum by Francesca Bianchi

Francesca Bianchi - Encounters

A voluptuous and slightly dirty iris. Encounters is a sensual fusion of the East with the West, where iris brings refinement with a soft, mysterious powdery note, while oud offers an enchanting, complex depth.

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Image of Bandit eau de parfum 100 ml by the perfume brand Robert Piguet

Robert Piguet - Bandit

A renowned classic. Travel back to 1944 with the re-edition of Bandit: a bold and daring perfume. The reformulation of this chypre perfume comes back to life, but retains the original exciting character of the original. With notes of jasmine, orange blossom, galbanum, dark leather, moss, patchouli and smoky wood.

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Image of Oratorio 50 ml eau de parfum by the perfume brand Pigmentarium

Pigmentarium - Oratorio

Oratorio represents the beauty of contrasts. The scent transports you from the busy city dynamics to the serene silence of a church. Mandarin from Madagascar and neroli symbolize light. A heart of incense, cedarwood and jasmine then flows into a deep base of opoponax resin and patchouli oil.

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