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Image of Bandit eau de parfum 100 ml by the perfume brand Robert Piguet
Image of Bandit by Robert Piguet
Image of Bandit eau de parfum 100 ml by the perfume brand Robert Piguet
Image of Bandit by Robert Piguet
Robert Piguet

Bandit - eau de parfum

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What can we say about the legendary Bandit? Bandit is a bitter green leather chypre- full of contrasts. Ever since it was created in 1944 for Robert Piguet, this perfume has become an iconic cult classic.


Robert Piguet had created a daring 'Bad Boy' inspired fashion collection. During the fashion shows, at the end of the Second World War,  the models wore masks and and waved with toy revolvers and swords. The scent that accompanied this spectacle was Bandit. The perfumer that created Bandit is Germaine Cellier who is an icon herself, having created the legendary Fracas for Robert Piguet. Her creation style is bold and daring. Smokey, green, floral, animalic and a tad soapy: Bandit is a leather perfume that was way ahead of its time.


The new Bandit in 2023 is created by Calice Becker and is even closer to the original in terms of scent experience than the previous Bandit reformulation.

Orange blossom, Jasmine, Galbanum, Oakmoss, Woody notes, Leather, Patchouli

Robert Piguet was a talented fashion designer, who at the top of Parisian fashion in the 30s and 40s, captured the imagination of many, with his elegant and alluring designs. His haute couture collection was very popular in French aristocratic circles. Robert Piguet was the confidant and mentor of Christian Dior. In 1944, the couturier launched his first perfume. In 1948, Bandit and Fracas followed. Both fragrances are still, until this very day iconic, cult fragrances and the favorite fragrances of many memorable woman.

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Bandit - eau de parfum

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Germaine Cellier perfumer - Robert Piguet

Germaine Cellier

Germaine Cellier, born early 20th century in France, was a female perfumer and pioneer at the time when men dominated the perfume industry. Cellier was known for her outspoken character and her innovative mindset. Unimpressed by conventions, she created bold and groundbreaking fragrances for Robert Piguet, Balmain, Nina Richi and of course, all-time classic, Fracas (1947).