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All about reed diffusers: how to use them?

Reed diffusers are perfect for constantly and subtly scenting any room. Once opened you don’t have to worry about them anymore, and you’ll always have a nice scent that lingers in the house. To enjoy these products optimally we share some tips below.

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Tips on how to use reed diffusers

First, choose a suitable location: Select a space in your home or office where you want to place the reed diffuser. It could be a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or any area you wish to freshen up. Only make sure you keep the reeds are away from draft. This way the reed diffuser lasts longer.

  • Always start with a few sticks to see if they diffuse enough scent to your room. You can always add more sticks when you want a stronger fragrance.
  • Flip the reeds upside down regularly for a renewed fragrance experience. This helps refresh the fragrance and keep the diffusion consistent.

It differs per room how many products you need. Of course, this also depends on personal preference. However, this is what we recommend:

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Is the room you want to place the reed diffuser in:

  • Smaller than 5 m²? Go for 1 x 250 ml and start with three sticks. Add more when needed.
  • Between 5 – 10 m²? Go for 1 x 250 ml and start with five sticks.
  • Between 10 – 20 m²? Go for 1 x 250 ml and use all sticks.
  • Between 20 – 40 m²? Go for 1 x 500 ml or 2 x 250ml, in two corners of the room with all the sticks.
  • Larger than 40 m²? Go for 2 x 500 ml, or 4 x 250 ml, using all sticks, in different corners of the room.