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Image of Pierre Guillaume perfumer

Spotlight on: the French perfumer Pierre Guillaume

At the youthful age of 25, Pierre Guillaume embarked on his aromatic journey, unveiling his inaugural fragrance, Cozé. Praised by renowned perfume critic Chandler Burr as "the coolest of new European fragrances from a young French chemist," this marked the beginning of both his career and the establishment of his own perfumery, Parfumerie Générale. Guillaume's approach is truly avant-garde, incorporating cutting-edge techniques in the art of fragrance crafting.

Within the realm of olfactory artistry, Pierre Guillaume's unique touch is unmistakable – a distinctive fusion of top-tier scents that elegantly linger on the skin, steering clear of any overpowering notes.

A true polymath of perfumery, Guillaume effortlessly navigates the spectrum, effortlessly creating sweet gourmands, lively citrus blends, and refined minimalist musks. This versatility extends to the fragrances he meticulously curates for his brands, PG and Phaedon, as well as noteworthy contributions to the esteemed Italian Laboratorio Olfattivo.

Within his extensive repertoire, several fragrances have risen to the ranks of bestsellers, each a piece of art in its own regard. "Le Musc et La Peau," "Entre Ciel et Mer," "Liqueur Charnelle," "Isparta," and "Animal Mondain" stand as olfactory triumphs, captivating enthusiasts with their distinctive blends and enduring charm.

Guillaume's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of scent has left an indelible mark on the perfume landscape, establishing him as a luminary in the world of fragrance creation.

Favourite fragrances of the team

These are the favourite Pierre Guillaume fragrances of the Perfume Lounge team:

Petra: I really enjoy wearing Liqueur Charnelle because its is boozy yet fresh, wearable , festive, warm sexy elegant.

According to Barbara, the orange blossom in Louanges Profanes is sunshine in a bottle and makes her feel happy. Louanges Profanes combines neroli, woody and powdery facets, making it a timeless perfume.

Anna really enjoys wearing Bois Naufrage; a creamy fragrance with fig and wood.

Tanja, founder of Perfume Lounge says: Of the many creations by Pierre Guillaume I rediscovered the beautiful Sorong 20.1. A fascinating and mystical fragrance around (frank)incense, with warm woody resins as olibanum, kyara wood, benzoin and labdanum. I simply keep sniffing my skin, so balanced and appealing.

Joy loves Jardins de Kerylos: this is a lovely green and joyful fragrance. The fig makes me feel summery even in winter.

Chester loves Tubereuse Couture: a bubblegummy take on tuberose, far too sweet when I first smelled it but it has grown on me and it's not your average white floral perfume.