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Team Perfume Lounge

Our team

Let's meet and get to know each Perfume Lounge colleague (and fragrance enthusiast) a bit better. We are looking forward to welcome you, online and in our boutique.

founder Perfume Lounge and Annindriya - perfume designer, chemist and scent expert

Meet Tanja

Tanja Deurloo, a curious chemist and passionate perfume designer, founded Perfume Lounge in 2009. Within her company Annindriya she has created numerous innovative scent applications, fragrance lines and skincare products.

The impact of scent and the power of our sense of smell makes her happy and keeps her wondering. Just as brains & intuition, science & emotion and human connections.

What are your favourite ingredients?
Sandalwood, labdanum, osmanthus, iris and vetiver.

Which fragrances do you remember vividly from your past?
The pleasant mix of the smell of Boldoot cologne, putty and liquorice in my parents' shop, my mother's Nutrix cream scent.
The scent of the paws of my cats. Freesia and honeysuckle in our garden.

How would others describe you in a few words?
Curious, fragrance nerd, connecting.

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Perfume Lounge - store manager Karima Abdellatif


Karima started working in the cosmetic branche at the age of 16, and she is a true beauty addict. Before being the store manager of Perfume Lounge, she worked in product development of fragrances and skin care. For over 7 years, she was the trainer and sales advisor at a major beauty retailer. Next to fragrances, she has a real passion for cooking. "Smell and taste are, of course, linked to each other."

Which fragrances do you remember from the past?
I remember several fragrances. The forest, my grandfather and grandmother lived at the forest edge. I grew up in Amsterdam and if we went there for the weekend this scent made me very happy. I also remember the scent of roasted corn. Being half Egyptian, the smell of roasted corn transports me to Egypt. This snack is sold everywhere on the street. And of course, Chanel no.5, the perfume of my mother.

What is your favourite perfume ingredient?
Iso-E Super, ambroxan, musk, and vetiver.

How would you describe yourself in a few words?
Positive, caring, open-minded.

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team Perfume Lounge Petra Engelenberg - customer support and sales


Versatile, beautician, instructor at horse back riding academy and coach. At Perfume Lounge, Petra is in control of order processes and customer service. Before working at Perfume Lounge, she gave the treatments as a beautician, where scent was an important component. "What's better than to surround yourself with a beautiful scent that lifts your spirit?”

Which scents do you remember from the past?
The fireplace in winter, de sea and the beach of Zandvoort, a fresh autumn morning while horse back riding.

Which scents do you love most?
Leather in combination with horses, fresh hay and wood chips, marshmallows on the barbecue.

How would you describe yourself in a few words?
Do’er, outdoor person, genuine, caring.

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Perfume Lounge team Barbara Brasz_ parfum advisor verkoop Amsterdam


After working for more than 30 years in the clothing industry, for well-known and lesser-known brands, Barbara ended up in the niche perfume branche as a true adventurer. 'It's wonderful to dress people up with a nice perfume now.'

Which scents do you remember well?
The wonderful scent of Nestosyl, soft creamy comforting wound ointment. Citronella mosquito repellent reminds me of childhood in Ibiza.

What are your favorite perfume ingredients?
Neroli, coconut, honey, orange blossom, sandalwood, palo santo

My great perfume loves in the store include:
Sex and the sea Neroli and Angel's Dust by Francesca Bianchi
Abime by Maison Violet
Montaigne by Caron and much more of course!

How would you describe yourself in a few words?
Adventurer, humorous, creative thinker

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team Perfume Lounge Chester Gibs perfume advisor and expert


Chester was educated at the Rietveld art academy in Amsterdam and often uses scent as an inspiration when making his drawings. Scent is emotion and amazes him every day. Scent is visceral! "It fascinates me enormously to see how everyone reacts differently to scents - that's what makes my job at Perfume Lounge so instructive."

What is your favourite fragrance note?
I really love white flowers like jasmine and tuberose, as well as spices like clove and cinnamon. I find foody scents fascinating; I always smell my food before I eat it.

Which perfume interests you?
I have broad tastes when it comes to perfume , but I like most perfumes that both attract and repel me - a little friction can't hurt. An example of such a fragrance is Musc Tonkin by Parfum d'empire.

What was your first perfume?
My first real perfumes that I bought myself as a teenager were Givenchy's xeryus, Antaeus by Chanel and I secretly snatched the bottle of Vanderbilt from my sister's room.

Which fragrance would you keep if you could only keep one?
If I could only keep one fragrance from my perfume collection, it would be a simple cologne! Eau de cologne embodies for me my youth with all its ups and downs. Aqua de Colonia by Alvarez Gómez is one of my farvorites. Sometimes I really crave a momentary fresh sparkling pick-me-up-and then a classic Eau de cologne is my best friend!

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Anna Liza Aly - perfume advisor - fragrance expert Perfume Lounge Annindriya


Anna is born and raised in Amsterdam with Egyptian roots. She worked as a check-in agent and as a recruiter, but found her calling when she started working in the perfume industry.

What is your role at Perfume Lounge?
I am a product manager at Annindriya, the mother company of Perfume Lounge.

What are your favorite ingredients/fragrance notes?
The scent of freshly brewed coffee and citrus notes. They keep me energized.

What is your favorite perfume and why?
I used to wear Miss Dior Cherie; I love floral chypres with a fruity top. Unfortunately, Cherie is no longer (widely) available.

Do you have any special memories associated with a specific scent?
(Overripe) guava, I used to smell these fruits a lot as a child during my visits in Egypt. When I smell that scent in the Netherlands, it instantly takes me back to Cairo, but also to my travels in South America.

What was your first perfume, and what memories do you have of that scent?
My first perfume was Bright Crystal by Versace. In hindsight, I didn't feel like the perfume suited me, so I gave the bottle to a friend. It's still her favorite scent after 15 years.

How did you get into the world of perfumes?
I have always been fascinated by scents from a young age. When a perfumer introduced me to the world of fragrances, I discovered opportunities and I went after it with passion.

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Perfume Lounge Amsterdam - Zoe Cohen - customer service and support


Zoe is born and raised in Amsterdam. She is 26 years old and recently graduated as a conceptual and visual designer from HKU.

What is your role at Perfume Lounge?
I was hired a year ago on an on-call basis as a webshop assistant, but nowadays I assist more frequently from my conceptual expertise for Annindriya.

What are your favourite ingredients/fragrance notes?
When it comes to my favorite ingredients, I have a preference for scents that are often associated with 'masculine' fragrances, although we prefer not to label fragrances as male or female. I enjoy scents with leather and woody notes.

What is your favorite perfume and why?
My favorite perfume brand is Orto Parisi. I love the uniqueness of all his fragrances. My favorites are Megamare and Stercus. Both have unique and intriguing aromas that resonate with me. I find it important for a perfume to have a long-lasting scent that you can enjoy throughout the day.

What was your first perfume, and what memories do you have of that scent?
My very first perfume was a gift from my father. I was 14 years old, and he gave me a fragrance from Diptyque. I remember feeling so grown-up and sophisticated at the time.

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team Perfume Lounge Amsterdam - ecommerce - Joy Leering


Joy is 28 years old and lives in Amsterdam. With a bachelor in Communication and a Master in Journalism, she always had a natural curiosity for different topics. This includes fragrance and skincare! Before working at Perfume Lounge as the online shop coordinator, she was a communication manager at a publishing company.

What is your role at Perfume Lounge?
At Perfume Lounge, I am responsible for the functionality, design and online marketing of the online shop. If you've ever received a newsletter from Perfume Lounge since october 2022, it was probably one of my creations!

What are your favourite fragrance notes?
I love different kinds of fragrances, but my favourite scents usually contain notes of sandalwood, leather, vanilla or fig.

What is your favourite perfume?
There are too many! From the fragrances we carry, I love Milky Musk (Parle Moi de Parfum), Grand Soir (Maison Francis Kurkdjian), Le Temps Perdu (Salle Privee), Tabac Exquis (Caron) and Flash Back in New York (Olfactive Studio). Another favourite is Gris Charnel by BDK Parfums: a creamy fragrance that's a true compliment getter!

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Afbeelding van Esther die werkt bij de winkel Perfume Lounge in Amsterdam


Esther was born in Amsterdam and raised in Soest. She has been working as an on-call worker for Perfume Lounge for a year and she has also been working for 16 years at the nicest cleaning company in Amsterdam. She has been working in the perfume industry since she was nineteen. In 20 years she has worked in many different perfumeries.

Where does your affection for perfume come from?
The love for perfumes started early, that came through my grandmother. As a little girl I was allowed to go with her to her perfumery to buy her perfumes Youth Dew from Estee Lauder, Femme from Rochas or Opium from YSL… From that moment on I was enchanted and in love with the (miniature) perfumes and wanted to currently working in a perfumery. The scent of Youth Dew still reminds me of my grandmother

What are your favorite fragrance notes?
Pine tree, oak moss, mown grass, Chypre, Fougere and spicy notes but also white flower notes are very tasty these days.

What is your favorite perfume?
At the moment the Fantom V from Beaufort London, Lostinflowers from Strangelove and Corsica Furiosa from Parfum d'Empire are my favorite, but that could change again. I'm still looking for the ultimate wood scent but that will have to do with the fact that I grew up in the woods and can still remember that specific scent.

How do others describe you?
Social, sweet, active, positive and a go-getter

team Perfume Lounge Amsterdam Karima and Barbara in front of perfumery