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How to make your perfume last longer

A question we often get is why a perfume sometimes seems to disappear quickly. This can have several causes which we will explain in this blog. We will also provide you with recommendations on what you can do to enjoy your fragrance longer.

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Switch it up!

Firstly, you can ask yourself the question: do other people still perceive my perfume even though I don't? One tip is to ask someone else if they still smell your perfume.

Why? Our brains are wired to filter out a scent if they perceive it for a while. So, if you don't smell your favorite perfume anymore but others do, it could be you got too accustomed to it. Therefore, it is a good idea to switch up your perfumes to keep your nose and your brain sharp.

Skin hydration & body chemistry

A perfume can develop differently on each skin. This has to do with your whole body chemistry. Factors that play a role include skin flora, acidity, fat, moisture, hormones, lifestyle, stress and medication. As a general rule, the more hydrated, nourished and moisturized your skin is, the better your perfume will envelop and last longer. Our most important tip is: hydrate and moisturize! For instance, with the Malin + Goetz body cream, that has no added fragrance, which makes it perfect for layering.

With a regular neutral oil, cream or body lotion you already have an immediate effect.
Some perfumes even have matching scented body lotions or oils. For the enthousiasts, you can also play with a different scented body lotion. This will have a layering effect. Read more about layering.

How and where to spray

You can experiment with applying perfume on different parts of your body. Your pulse points, like the inside of your wrist, your neck, your décolleté, are good places to apply your perfume. As Coco Chanel said, “Everywhere you want to be kissed.”
The places where your skin feels warmer, a perfume develops optimally.

Perfumes also give off their scent for a long time when they have been in contact with soft absorbent materials such as wool. Your scarf or cardigan can thus carry your perfume for a long time (but be careful with silk and non-colorfast materials!).
Finally, play with the amount of perfume sprays.

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More tips to enjoy your fragrance even longer

Expectations of a fragrance
☑ Before you buy a perfume, think about your expectations of the perfume. Does it make you feel happy? If the answer is “yes”, you are on the right track.

☑ Think about longevity: do you want to smell the perfume for 6 hours or are you satisfied with 3 hours? A cologne for example, a sparkling aromatic scent with lots of citrus in it, was traditionally used to give a brief refreshment. You take the short-lived experience for granted here; the refreshment is what matters with a cologne. Other perfumes are long lasting and leave a scent trail, while another perfume stays closer to the skin and is more intimate. For perfumes you can therefore also think, do I want to smell fresh and clean or am I looking for the heavy and enveloping, which lingers longer.

The nature of ingredients
☑ The ingredients in perfume all have their own characteristics. Volatile ingredients like citrus, mint and pepper have a short-lived perceptibility. Opposite ingredients such as patchouli, resins, vanilla and musk. A perfumer will strive to balance all of these ingredients in the perfume. A perfume with mainly citrus in it may not last as long; on the other hand, it can be wonderfully refreshing in character. Lighter perfumes can of course be reapplied throughout the day. Read our blog about the difference in perfume concentrations.

Storing perfume in the right way

Finally, you should pay attention to storing your perfumes properly. Light, high temperatures, temperature fluctuations and oxygen are harmful for the quality of your perfume. Perfumes stored under the wrong conditions can change their scent. Read our blog on storing perfumes for tips.