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Our boutique is open Mon-Fri until 19 hrs
Our boutique is open Mon-Fri until 19 hrs
Our boutique is open Mon-Fri until 19 hrs
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Building your scent wardrobe

Perfume is a wonderful expression of your personality and style. And just as you have clothes for different occasions, you can curate your perfume collection in the same way. Since it may not be easy to know what to consider when choosing a second or third fragrance, we are here to help!
Both online and in our boutique, we'll assist you in building your personal fragrance wardrobe. And remember, let your nose guide you!

Step 1: Perfect basics

The best way to start is by selecting some basic perfumes that align with your usual perfume-wearing activities. If you enjoy parties, your basics might include a few scents for such occasions. On the other hand, someone who is more introverted might prefer a range of comforting scents. For your primary activities, you'll want a set of fragrances that you enjoy wearing.

To find your comfort zone, have a look at fragrance families. Fragrance families basically categorize different types of scent in one family. Each family has its own distinct characteristics, such as floral, citrus, oriental, woody, or fresh. By familiarizing yourself with these families, you can discover new scents based on your preferred personal preference.

Combining basics

Just as basics in clothing can be combined in many ways, the same applies to basic perfumes. Once you have some basic fragrances, you can expand your wardrobe by layering them. This is known as layering, and in this selection of perfumes for layering, you'll find examples of perfume basics to experiment with. Minimalist fragrances can be worn on their own when you're in a quiet mood, but they can also be worn over another fragrance to add that extra touch.

Step 2: Expanding the collection

Once you have identified your basic scents, you can start experimenting with different types of perfumes based on your mood or for specific occasions. In addition to basics, you may want a scent that boosts your confidence or makes a statement. To discover your preferences, we encourage you to explore our mood collections, where you can find perfumes based on different moods.

Different advice is to ask others about their fragrance choices, and most importantly, try new fragrances! It's natural to have some failures along the way, so don't be afraid to make mistakes. That's how you get to know yourself better.

If you want to kickstart this process, check out our Perfume Profiling. Alternatively, visit our boutique for advice on expanding your personal wardrobe. We are also available online via email, chat, or phone.

Tips for different occasions

You can find tips for occasions and styles in fragrances in our perfume themes. Here are some common occasions our customers choose fragrances for:

  • Work, job interviews, important appointments, etc.: It's best to avoid wearing too many or heavy fragrances. However, that doesn't mean they have to be boring! Dare to show some personality and let your true colors shine. Choose a fragrance with moderate sillage (projection).
  • Party time: Anything goes during a big party, so you can opt for a more intense scent if that feels right for you.
  • Dinner evenings: Subtle scents are ideal for dinner occasions to ensure you don't overpower the room's ambiance with your scent.
  • Seasons: You can also adjust your perfumes according to the seasons. You might naturally gravitate towards different fragrances when temperatures rise compared to when it's time for hot chocolate by the fireplace.