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Ambergris from Texel: a rare find

A unique experience in the summer of 2013 happened. Perfume Lounge founder Tanja Deurloo, as a scent expert, was able to guide Ecomare in the analysis and sale of real, fresh ambergris.

A dead sperm whale washed up on Texel, with 83 kg of ambergris in its intestines. Annindriya fragrance experts had the privilege of working with Ecomare to determine the quality and value of the ambergris and to guide sales.

“A once in a lifetime experience!”

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What is ambergris?

Ambergris can develop in the intestines of a small part of the male sperm whales in response to sharp squid beaks that cannot be digested in the stomach and therefore enter the intestines. A kind of cholesterol-like substance is formed around them and this continues to grow. Because only the male sperm whales can dive very deep, where the pressure is very high, the ambergris chunks become more compact and closer.

By excretion (via the anus), the chunks end up at sea, and they petrify under the influence of salt and the sun. Ambergris can wash up on the beach as gray chunks weighing up to several tens of kilos. The ambergris found on Texel was, if possible, extra special because it concerned fresh ambergris, which had not floated in the sea but came directly from the intestines of the sperm whale.

How does ambergris smell?

High-quality ambergris has a beautiful complex scent and is used as an ingredient in some special perfumes. With ambergris you hardly smell anything in the top, but all the more in the base: warm, salty, sensual, sweet, animal / stable (it comes straight from his intestines). Ambergris has a huge “sillage” or “staying power”, by which we mean adhesion to the skin, so you can smell it for a long time.

Ambergris as a perfume ingredient

Before ambergris can be used in perfumes, the chunks must first be crushed to make an extract or tincture. Because it is a rare find with high-quality properties, a high price is paid for the fragments of ‘floating gold’.

Our perfumes with ambergris
Several exclusive perfumes from our collection contain ambergris, for example, Tobacco Rose, Sex and the Sea, 16.1 Bois Naufrage, or Silencethesea.