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Why do I not smell my fragrance anymore?

A question we often hear: “I can’t seem to smell my own perfume anymore, soon after application…” We thought it might be a good idea to write down some possible explanations for this regularly heard complaint. We also share some tips to overcome frustration and enjoy your fragrances to the max again.

Fragrances perform less on dry skin

You might have a dry skin in which case scent molecules find it harder to ‘sink’ into your skin. If this is the case, a simple body cream or oil can already do the job. Even more performing, you might try a fragrant body cream such as Le Musc & La Peau, Neroli Ad Astra or Isparta scented body cream, which layer perfectly with many fragrances. Read more on layering perfumes here.

Do you wear light fresh fragrances?

It might actually be true that your perfume has indeed faded as the lighter, often but not exclusively, citrus based perfumes are made up of more volatile molecules.
In this case the solution is re-application, which is why we are so fond of our simple, small purse sprays ideal for those on the go.

Should your favourite perfumes be those with a lighter character, then you might also consider layering them with for instance, Musk or Patchouli by Lorenzo Villoresi. Le Musc et la Peau by Pierre Guillaume is also a favourite for layering, and combines very well with various fragrances.

Olfactory fatigue

Another important cause why your perfume seems to have disappeared, is called ‘olfactory fatigue or adaptation’.
This means that your brain simply gets used to the fragrance (you don’t smell your own skin or your own house) but it is actually present. The solution for this is to use other fragrances now and again, this way your brain is less likely to adapt and you can enjoy your favourite fragrance more when you do wear it.