Our boutique is open in Amsterdam on Sunday 3rd of March
Our boutique is open on Sunday 3rd of March
Our boutique is open in Amsterdam on Sunday 3rd of March
Our boutique is open on Sunday 3rd of March

How and where to apply perfume

Do you sometimes wonder if you're applying your perfume correctly? Fear not, there are no hard rules on how to wear perfume. However, we do have a few tips for you to fully enjoy it.

Pulse areas

Perfume needs warmth to evaporate nicely, so any warm spots, also known as pulse points (where blood vessels are closer to the surface), are good areas. Traditional suggestions include the neck and throat, behind the ears, on the wrists (so you can smell it yourself), and in your décolletage.

More experimental spots, but equally effective, are the skin around and inside the navel, the inner elbows, and the back of the knees. This can be particularly helpful with intense perfumes, so they're not too close to your nose.

How much perfume should you spray?

The concentration of a perfume determines its strength. We recommend spraying 2 to 4 times, depending on the intensity of the fragrance and how strong you want it to be. In this case, less is more. You don't want the entire room to smell you when you enter. It's much more intimate for someone to notice your scent only when they're close to you.

When should you reapply perfume?
If you can no longer smell your own perfume, it could be that your brain has become accustomed to the scent, but you still smell lovely to others. Therefore, always ask someone around you if they can still smell it. If not, you can reapply your perfume.

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Hair and perfume

Fragrance molecules tend to linger well in hair. So, for men, applying perfume on the chest hair and for women, on long locks is a good idea. Just be aware that alcohol in perfume can dry out your hair. That's why there are also hair mists available with little or no alcohol content.

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Perfume on clothing

It's wonderful when a scarf still carries the scent of your favorite fragrance. Perfume can last a long time on clothing. However, be cautious and test it on a hidden piece of fabric first. When spraying perfume on clothing, do it from a distance and preferably on the inside of the fabric. Perfume can leave stains on delicate fabrics such as wool and silk.

Be careful with jewelry, as some materials can become dull or damaged by perfume. So, it's best to put on your beautiful pearls after applying perfume.

Finally.. Should you rub your perfume on your wrists?

By rubbing your perfume after spraying, you warm up the scent faster, which accelerates the development of the scent on your skin. This ensures that you smell some of the top and heart notes faster. Spraying a scent, letting it slowly warm through the skin and letting it evaporate at its own pace is the most optimal for a perfume. But can you rub molecules apart? No, that is really not physically possible. It is the perfumer's balanced creation that is no longer 'intact' and is partly 'broken', the molecules remain what they are, completely intact.