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Perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri

The Nose

Renowned Italian perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri boasts a career spanning over three decades within the fragrance industry. Recognized for his distinctive olfactory creations, Alessandro has left an indelible mark on perfumery. His illustrious journey includes collaborations with prestigious fashion houses like Versace and Fendi, as well as the establishment of his own brands, Nasomatto and Orto Parisi.

Secret formulas

Affectionately known as "The Nose," Gualtieri's perfumes are renowned for their power, distinctiveness, and subversive uniqueness. The ingredients he employs remain shrouded in secrecy, emphasizing the personal and experiential nature of fragrance. In addition to his aromatic masterpieces, Alessandro Gualtieri elevates the entire olfactory encounter through the captivating packaging of his extrait de parfums, transforming his brand into a holistic sensory experience.

Documentary about The Nose

A testament to his rebellious spirit, filmmaker Paul Rigter crafted the documentary "The Nose - Searching for Blamage" in 2017, chronicling Alessandro Gualtieri's quest to defy conventional perfume design rules. As he seeks inspiration worldwide, Gualtieri disrupts not only his surroundings but also himself. The film poses the intriguing question: Will Blamage emerge as the perfect mistake?

Alessandro Gualtieri

Iconic fragrances

Alessandro's meticulous attention to detail and artistic sensibilities extend beyond his perfumes to the carefully orchestrated launches of his creations. In the case of his latest masterpiece, Sadonaso, Gualtieri orchestrated a brilliantly provocative campaign through Nasomatto's social platforms. The pinnacle was the launch party held in the red-light district of Amsterdam, where attendees were blindfolded in a 'treatment room' before experiencing the sensory indulgence of Sadonaso – the Sweat of Pleasure.

Within his diverse collections, certain perfumes have achieved cult status, notably the iconic Black Afgano and the now-discontinued Hindu Grass. Alessandro Gualtieri remains committed to challenging emotions and pushing boundaries through his evocative and daring fragrances, showcasing his keen eye (and nose) for detail and artistry.

Black Afgano Nasomatto