strangelove - deadofnight all over oil | Perfume Lounge
strangelove - deadofnight all over oil | Perfume Lounge
strangelove - deadofnight all over oil | Perfume Lounge
strangelove - deadofnight all over oil | Perfume Lounge
Strangelove NYC

deadofnight all over oil - body oil

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Deadofnight from Strangelove NYC, the ultimate seductive scent, now in a beautiful nourishing body and hair oil.


The ‘all over’ deadofnight oil can be used for the body, face, and hair. The oil contains a blend of high-quality natural ingredients scented with strangelove’s original bestselling fragrance. With an attractive blend of real oudh, Damask rose, violet leaf, vanilla balm, and the nuanced warmth of sandalwood and amber.

deadofnight fits particularly well as a body oil to emphasize its rich and warm character. It is a fragrance for those who love layered full scents, on the one hand of natural unpolished attars (natural oils), on the other hand of elegant luxurious perfumes.


It contains jojoba oil to improve the texture of skin and hair, healing sunflower oil, softening sweet almonds, and ultra-nourishing argan oil for maximum radiance. This lightweight ‘dry’ oil absorbs quickly, does not leave an oily film, and is formulated with nourishing ingredients to firm and hydrate the skin, as well as adding shine and nourishing antioxidants to the hair.


Massage gently into skin, face, and hair for a luxurious, velvety finish.

Vanilla, Violet, Sandalwood, Amber, Jasmine, Musk, Oudh, Rose, Tuberose

Strangelove NYC is a high-quality, exclusive and luxurious brand with intriguing and unusual scents in eau de parfum and in oil. The oil can also be worn in a desirable 24 carat gold-plated necklace. Every perfume is packed with natural, precious ingredients. For example, each fragrance contains 2 natural types of Oudh; deadofnight even contains 3 types. The perfumes are made by hand in New York, true craftsmanship. The design of the bottles, caps and chains showcases the impeccable quality of the brand. 24 carat gold plated caps, high quality glass, exclusive design by art director Helena Christensen.

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deadofnight all over oil - body oil

4.0/5 (1 reviews)
Fijne olie met zachte donkere oudh geur
Zachte aangename olie met de oudh geur van Dead of Night. Niet zo krachtig uiteraard als het parfum zelf maar dat is ook juist de bedoeling. Ik gebruik de olie als layerbasis op mn onderarmen en benen. Daarover heen gebruik ik juist niet het parfum Deadofnight dat ik toevallig ook in mn collectie heb, maar het parfum "Melt my Heart" (ook van Strangelove). Dit resulteert uiteindelijk in een warme donkere pure chocolade geur vermengd met extra oriëntaalse oudh elegantie. De olie kan ook perfect gebruikt worden als basis om daaroverheen bloemige (vooral rozen) geuren te gebruiken. De zachte oudh geur vermengt zich dan met de bloemen wat resulteert in een donker warm mysterieuze bloemengeur. Leder geuren over deze olie zijn ook perfect om mee te experimenteren. Kortom een olie die veelzijdig te gebruiken is en perfect om te layeren, waardoor je je eigen geurcreaties kunt maken met een donker oudh tintje zonder dat het geheel te zwaar of te aanwezig wordt.
Ann - 2022-02-08
Christophe-Laudamiel perfumer - Strangelove - Humiecki & Graef - The Zoo

Christophe Laudamiel

Christophe Laudamiel is an award winning master perfumer, known for his innovative and high-end perfumes. He is the nose behind Fierce (Abercrombie & Fitch), Polo Blue (Ralph Lauren) and Tom Ford, among many more. Christophe is not only a great perfumer, but also an educator and lecturer, eager about explaining the world of perfumes to the general public. You will find many of his creations at Perfume Lounge, such as Strangelove NYC and Humiecki & Graef, and his very own brand The Zoo. Interested to read more about Christophe Laudamiel? Click here to visit his profile!