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Paul Smith - Storyteller scented candle reed diffuser
Paul Smith - Storyteller scented candle reed diffuser
Paul Smith

Storyteller - scented candle

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The Storyteller scented by Paul Smith embraces the essence of smoky, wintery coziness, creating an inviting ambiance that warms the soul. As the winter days deepen and the world outside turns shades of grey, this candle becomes a comforting companion. Its fragrance, rich with smoky notes, captures the spirit of a crackling fireplace, making it the perfect accompaniment for those long, winter nights. So, as the frost settles and the world slows down, light up the Storyteller candle, let its enchanting scent fill the air, and immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of a good book.
Paul Smith's Storyteller scented candle comes in a colored glass jar with a contrasting lid that doubles as a coaster, an expression of Paul's love of color and its endless combinations. When you light the candle, you'll find that the glass jar catches the light beautifully. The candle is 240 grams and has an average of 55 burning hours. Paul Smiths's Early Bird candle combines sustainable packaging design with a beautiful scent for your home! Re-use the glass vessel as a pot for your plant or a luxurious holder for pens or anything else.

Clove, Patchouli, Birch tar, Cade

Discover the beautiful candles and reed diffusers by Paul Smith! Paul Smith is Britain’s leading independent design company. The scents for the Paul Smith candles and reed diffusers are inspired by Paul's scent memories; from the scent of a library or a spring garden.
The beautiful colored glass packaging features the signature color use that the brand is known for. All candles are hand poured and the precious scents are created by perfumers Céline Barel and Meabh McCurtin.
Once used, you can reuse the beautiful luxurious glass jars to store your personal items. Paul Smith champions positivity, curiosity and creativity. These qualities underpin every Paul Smith design, whether it’s a shirt, a shop or a special collaboration.

Fragrance family


Let smoky perfumes allure you by its mystifying layers like tobacco, leather, guaiac wood, amber, incense, vetiver, and many more.

Smoky, smokey, fire, perfume lounge

Storyteller - scented candle

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