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Nez Editions Sandalwood in perfumery | Perfume Lounge
Nez Editions Sandalwood in perfumery | Perfume Lounge
Nez Editions

Sandalwood in perfumery

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Do you want to know more about the sandalwood in perfumes? In this handy booklet you can read everything about this beautiful perfume ingredient.



Nez Éditions and Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR) join forces and knowledge in this issue of natural ingredients in perfumes. The gold standard for the perfume industry resulted in the series The Naturals Notebook.



The Scent of Humanity
Known to humankind for 3,000 years, sandalwood is now a rare tree, growing primarily in Australia and New Caledonia, where it is sustainably harvested. Its wood is one of the most precious in the world, and the creamy, warm, woody, milky fragrance of its essence makes it one of the most expensive ingredients in the perfumer’s palette.
Discover the many facets of this treasured heartwood, from botany, history, and literature to agriculture and chemistry – without forgetting, of course, a focus on fragrances and their creators.


The Naturals Notebook, for perfume lovers and all those interested in natural perfume ingredients and their backgrounds. Nez Éditions and Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR), two superpowers in the perfume industry, join forces and share their knowledge in these publications on natural ingredients in perfumes. These informative booklets contain just about everything you want to know about a particular ingredient and are on their way to becoming the golden standard for the perfume industry.

Sandalwood in perfumery

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