Geranium in perfumery - Nez Editions | Perfume Lounge
Geranium in perfumery - Nez Editions | Perfume Lounge
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Geranium in perfumery

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In this convenient booklet, you can learn everything about the geranium plant and its use in perfumes. Nez Éditions and Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR) have collaborated to create The Naturals Notebook, a gold standard series for natural ingredients in perfumes.

Native to South Africa, rose geranium, originally cultivated on the island of Réunion and now mainly in Egypt, contains an essence with multiple olfactory and curative properties. Its rosy, minty and lemony notes are commonly present in perfumery. Explore the many facets of this hardy and elegant plant, journeying from botany, history, art and aromatherapy to agriculture and chemistry, without overlooking, of course, geranium fragrances and their creators.


The Naturals Notebook, for perfume lovers and all those interested in natural perfume ingredients and their backgrounds. Nez Éditions and Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR), two superpowers in the perfume industry, join forces and share their knowledge in these publications on natural ingredients in perfumes. These informative booklets contain just about everything you want to know about a particular ingredient and are on their way to becoming the golden standard for the perfume industry.

Geranium in perfumery

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