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Dark: porcelain - eau de parfum

 € 300
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Of all four Neandertal fragrances, Neandertal Dark is the more shadowed, darker version. Inspired by the Neanderthaler’s natural habitat. Strong and silent, Dark challenges all conventions in perfumery.

This fragrance centers around plants, flowers, and trees. It is aromatic, leafy, and creates an almost tangible sensation. Pink pepper, ginger, and pine energize you as you journey on to the surprising heart of Dark. There you will find incense, geranium, and caraway seed. The more animalic touch in the base is a beautiful result of vetiver, oudh, leathery notes, and patchouli. On your skin is where Dark is truly working the magic; Your skin but better!

Dark is available in a 30ml glass bottle and in a 90ml collectible exclusive porcelain bottle, handmade by founder and artist Kentaro Yamada. Each of these handmade porcelain bottles is digitally numbered with a NFC chip as to guarantee its origin. Scan your bottle with the Neandertal app on your iPhone or NFC compatible Android device.

Measurements: H13 cm x W10 cm x D5 cm

Musk, Oudh, Patchouli, Tobacco, Vetiver, Incense, Sandalwood, Amber, Pink pepper, Ginger, Seaweed, Pine, Animalic notes, Geranium, Grapefruit, Cistus labdanum, Leather

Neandertal was founded by the Japanese artist Kentaro Yamada in 2018. His love for design makes this unique brand a strong visual character, which is reflected in the powerful design language of the brand. Yamada started a creative collaboration with perfumers and together they research how perfumes can make the echoes of our past tangible. The results are contemporary, highly original, and experimental fragrance structures, free from conventional and traditional perfume standards.

leather jacket and hair
Fragrance family


Discover the multiple facets of leather in perfumes. Think of the smell of a leather jacket, a pair of suede shoes, the inside of a leather bag, or an old Chesterfield… Leather gives a luxurious, seductive and elegant touch to the fragrance. But it is also dark, robust and slightly animalic which makes this smell mysteriously tantalizing.

Dark: porcelain - eau de parfum

3.0/5 (2 reviews)
Ik ben om!
Het gebeurt me niet vaak, maar alle geuren van Neandertal spreken ontzettend tot mijn verbeelding. Ongewoon lekker, hoge kwaliteit, artistieke designs. Ik kon gewoon niet kiezen en ging aanvankelijk voor Us, maar nu ben ik om… Ook het Dark parfum en de geurkaars gekocht. Genieten!
Tahir Idouri - 2022-11-29
Geur opent leerachtig met een groene touch maar in de dry down wordt de geur heel misselijkmakend en doet mij denken aan bedorven en verrotte vissen zeewater geur die echt niet dragelijk is en ik hem zelfs weg moest wassen wat ik eigenlijk nog nooit had hoeven doen met een parfum. Ik kan mij absoluut niet voorstellen dat iemand deze geur opdoet en ermee naar buiten gaat..
A. - 2021-06-30
Euan McCall perfumer - Jorum Studio - Neandertal

Euan McCall

Euan McCall is a Scottish perfumer from Edinburg. He has created perfumes for cult brands (such as Neandertal) and now runs his own brand Jorum Studio with his partner Chloe Mullen. Their perfumes are contemporary and unique, and to quote McCall: "It is so important for us that each Jorum creation is new, original and of quality which we hope ultimately progresses the narrative - we aren’t interested in trends or trying to copy existing works. We do Jorum and hope many people enjoy what we do." Interested to read more about Euan McCall's creative process and inspiration? You can read our full interview with Euan McCall here.