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Malin + Goetz - Dark rum perfume oil | Perfume Lounge
Malin + Goetz - Dark rum perfume oil | Perfume Lounge
Malin + Goetz

Dark Rum - perfume oil

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Dark Rum by Malin+Goetz is a versatile fragrance with fresh sweet fruity facets while being warm, dark and spicy. The inspiration for this cheerful perfume is the iconic Bay Rum cologne. In earlier times, it was widely used by sailors in the Caribbean and later became popular in barber shops as well.

Dark Rum treats you to an intoxicating blend of fresh bergamot, ripe plums, leather, rum, creamy milk and warm spices. Vanilla and patchouli provide an embracing warm touch.

The result: Dark Rum captures the essence of long sultry days spent in the tropical sun and late nights with friends. Perfect for a relaxing day at the beach but also at the club.

Rum, Milk accord, Leather, Patchouli, Bergamot, Amber, Plum

MALIN+GOETZ mission is to design high quality fragrances and candles that fit into your modern lifestyle. Born in New York City in 2004, the diversity, inclusivity and energy of city life is what has inspired MALIN+GOETZ from the very beginning. Malin + Goetz carries a collection of eau de parfums, candles and perfume oils, inspired by traditional apothecary ingredients and the favorite memories from the founders Matthew Malin + Andrew Goetz. Each dynamic scent is formulated for everyday wear and with a gender-neutral appeal.  

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Boozy fragrances bring you the sensorial pleasures of spirits. Indulge yourself with the sensual smell and warmth of whiskey, cognac, amaretto, or get the zesty kick of a minty Mojito on a hot summer’s day! The flavor and aroma combinations are endless and a great inspiration for perfumers!

Dark Rum - perfume oil

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