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Lilja Kenko eau de toilette
Kenko Lilja | Perfume Lounge
Lilja Kenko eau de toilette

Lilja - eau de toilette

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Lilja is one of the three Kenkô kids fragrances, a series of special eau de toilettes for children (4 years +). Each fragrance is 100% natural, mild and beautifully executed with loving attention to detail. The fragrances are inspired by and created in collaboration with Nina Pierson, Lucy Woesthoff and Thammy Salcedo, mothers with toddlers and preschoolers themselves. The result: a little happiness in a bottle, a super gift for child (and parent!).


Lilja, in the lilac purple bottle, was inspired and created in collaboration with Nina Pierson, co-founder of organic salad bar chain SLA, author of bestseller Mama’en and De Geboortebundle and mother of three. “My inspiration for this fragrance comes from the Swedish summers, where it never gets dark, going out barefoot, picking wild raspberries and, of course, lily of the valley.” – Nina


Lilja offers a comforting, sweet and clean scent of lily of the valley*, raspberry leaf, magnolia leaf, hint of vanilla, bergamot, daffodil and petitgrain.


The dosage of both the natural alcohol and the natural fragrances is as low as possible to guarantee a kid-friendly product.

Vanilla, Bergamot, Raspberry, Lily-of-the-valley, Magnolia, Narcissus, Petitgrain

Soft, all-natural and mild products specially developed for (expecting) mothers and their babies.

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Lilja - eau de toilette

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Tanja Deurloo

Tanja Deurloo is a perfume designer and fragrance expert. Fascinated by the senses, Tanja obtained her master's degree in Physical Organic Chemistry at the University of Utrecht. After almost 30 years of working for international companies in fragrances, personal care, food & beverages and chemicals, she decided to chase her dreams: to start her own fragrance company. Annindriya and Perfume Lounge were born in 2007 and 2009 respectively. Added, Tanja created all the fragrances for Salle Privée, a Dutch fashion and perfume brand, and for Kenko, an all-natural skincare and perfume brand.