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More about lavender

Lavender is a plant in the Lamiaceae or mint family. There are about 700 species, including basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, and oregano. Lavender is a shrub that grows no taller than a meter and thrives on warm, sunny, dry soil. Lavender is worldwide produced in accommodating micro climates, but France is still the largest producent with more than 80,000 kilos of lavender production every year!

Lavender oil is obtained through means of steam distillation. The oil can be used in all kinds of products, from flavors to cosmetics, to aromatherapy, to perfumes.

Did you know...

  • Lavender is one of the main ingredients in a classic Fougère, they provide the spicy-floral heart of this scent family.
  • Lavender is also used in the kitchen, for example in the well-known Provencal spice mix.
  • The main components of lavender are linalool and linalyl acetate. A small group of people can react allergically to linalool.
  • In aromatherapy, lavender is assigned relaxing properties.
  • The real lavender is also called English lavender, Lavandin the French. Historical names, both species grow in both countries.
  • Lavender (Lavandula) owes its name to the Latin ‘lavare’ (= ‘washing’), because the Romans already added lavender essential oil to the bath water.