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Discover cardamom perfumes

If you are a fan of Eastern cuisine you most likely have tasted cardamom before. And we love it in perfumes too! It gives a unique, aromatic scent that is very distinctive and alluring.

Though cardamom has a complex character, it is not a heavy scent. With notes of lemon, mint and a trace of sweet ginger, cardamom also has an earthy, spicy and dry undertone. All these combinations make cardamom a very uplifting and exotic spice.

What is cardamom?

Cardamom (elettaria cardamomum) is related to ginger and is unique in both smell and taste. It is widely used in Indian cuisine, but also in cakes and pastries. After vanilla and saffron, cardamom is the most precious spice per gram.

Cardamom grows as pods in countries such as Guatemala and India. The pods are dried as quickly as possible, after which the whole pods as well as the seeds and seed pods can be used. Up to 8% essential oil can be extracted from the cardamom pods.

How does cardamom grow and how is it harvested?

Watch the video from Firmenich about cardamom in Guatemala