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bergamot citrus fruit and plant

Discover bergamot in fragrances

Bergamot is a citrus that adds aromatic and zesty freshness to a fragrance. It is a sparkling and joyful scent, less sour than lemon, just as energizing and refreshing. This aromatic scent can also have a slightly sweet and peppery nuances. Bergamot is especially present in eau-de-colognes, fresh fragrances and as zesty top used in fougere and chypre perfumes.

What is bergamot?

Bergamot is a green citrus fruit, between a lemon and a lime in size, that grows on trees mostly in southern Italy (Sicily, Calabria), on the Ivory Coast, in Guinea, and in Brazil. Its name originated from Bergamo, a city in northern Italy.

Fun facts about bergamot

  • Bergamot oil in perfumes has been used for centuries. Already in 1695 this unique citrus scent appeared in the first eau-de-cologne, just smell the famous perfume 4711 from Kölnisch Wasser!  
  • Almost everyone recognizes bergamot as the aroma in Earl Grey and Lady Grey tea.

How does bergamot smell?

The scent of bergamot is more present in perfumes than you might think. It is a favorite ingredient of many perfumers to add freshness to a creation. You also smell it first because it is always used in the top of the fragrance and is relatively volatile.

Bergamot is a sparkling and cheerful scent. It gives an energetic freshness in perfumes and smells less sour than a lemon. It has an aromatic scent with a slightly peppery spicy accent.

The growth, harvest and production of essential oil

Bergamot in Calabria, Italy

An impression of our inspiring study trip to bergamot fields and the factory of Capua 1880, organized by DreamAir with a group of perfumers and experts.

We arrived in the midst of the impressive bergamot harvest in the South of Italy and got to see and smell different types of bergamot, bergamot fractions and bergamot qualities.