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Pigmentarium x Perfume Lounge

Win a limited edition Pigmentarium perfume

Join the Pigmentarium x Perfume Lounge competition for a chance to win the limited edition of the Paradiso perfume created in collaboration with the visual poet Michaela Fenkl.

Will you be the winner of a limited edition personalized Paradiso bottle?

The winner of this competition will receive their own perfume with a signature and a personal message. The contest runs from June 19th to June 25th, 2023 when Michaela will choose the winning photo. Participating is very easy!

Contest rules

  1. Download the image with the text "PARALYSED BY MY OWN PARADISE" in .PNG format (transparent background).
  2. Choose a photo in your Instagram Story that evokes summer or represents your favorite summer moment.
  3. Add the text with a transparent background to your photo (instruction in the video)
  4. Tag Instagram accounts @perfume_lounge @pigmentarium_parfums @michaelafenkl and 2 friends you want to spend a spontaneous summer with.
  5. Share this Story on your Instagram profile.
Download text in PNG format