Image of Amorem Rose glass stopper by the perfume brand Shalini
Image of Amorem Rose glass stopper by the perfume brand Shalini

Amorem Rose glass stopper - extrait de parfum

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Amorem Rose glass stopper by Shalini is an ode to love, the greatest love… It is warm and sensual with a slight sweet touch.


The rose is often referred to as the Queen of Flowers, the symbol of the divine feminine love. This is a most opulent rose parfum with an element of smoke which brings a sense of mystery and intrigue reminiscent of a great love… the love that touches your soul deeply and alters your very being.


Damask Rose comes from the magical ‘Rose Valley’ in Bulgaria and is considered the most fragrant, exquisite and opulent of all roses. It is the heart of this beautiful fragrance. Saffron flowers bring a golden light to the parfum, and are reminiscent of the Orient and grandeur. Baltic amber and Mahogany wood bring the element of smoke and intrigue while creating a balance to the beautiful floral of the Damask rose.


Amorem Rose is composed by master-perfumer Maurice Roucel as a scented poem dedicated to the greatest love stories. Unfortunately, we do not sell samples of Shalini perfumes. You are very welcome to visit us in Amsterdam to smell the perfumes here.

Lemon, Rose, Saffron, Amber

This brand is the concept of the haute couture designer Shalini, born in Bombay. Shalini's fragranes are created by the award-winning master perfumer Maurice Roucel. He has only used ingredients of the highest quality and you will experience that immediately. Shalini started her career as an architect, but her innate fascination with texture, mood and color introduced her to the world of haute couture and haute perfumery. As a child she was surrounded by scents and her scent memories (from her favorite flowers in her mother's garden like tuberoses) are incorporated in the perfumes.

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Fragrance family


The amber fragrance family contains warm, spicy and often sensual perfume notes. Classic amber fragrances are built around an amber accord, often consisting of patchouli, benzoin, labdanum, vanilla and musk. Also, amber can refer to natural ambergris or synthetic amber, such as Ambrox or Ambroxan.

Amorem Rose glass stopper - extrait de parfum

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Maurice Roucel

Maurice Roucel

Maurice Roucel was working as a chemist in Chanel's laboratory in 1973 when he began his career as perfumer. He was the apprentice of Henri Robert, who was at the time the house perfumer at Chanel. Roucel learned the ropes and discovered the world of Haute-Parfumerie. Since then, Roucel has been awarded prestigious prizes such as the Prix Francois Coty in 2002 and FiFi, or "Oscar des Perfumes." He is a master perfumer whose creative work is characterized by opulent sensuality – sprung from his preference for musk, white flowers and amber.