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O de Texel - TX365-shower gel-O'de Texel parfums-250 ml-Perfume Lounge
Ode Texel - TX365 showergel | Perfume Lounge
O de Texel - TX365-shower gel-O'de Texel parfums-250 ml-Perfume Lounge
Ode Texel - TX365 showergel | Perfume Lounge
O'de Texel

Ode Texel TX365 - showergel

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The feeling of Texel in a scented shower gel. Texel, the Dutch Wadden island, so peaceful, spacious and unspoiled nature, experience the feeling of freedom. Following O’de Texel’s first perfume TX365, is this fragrant ode to Texel now also available in a nourishing and refreshing soap-free shower gel.

This shower gel is soap-free and mild, contains moisturizing ingredients and sea buckthorn extract. pH skin neutral. A fresh, sunny scent of bergamot, aquatic slightly salty accords, heliotrope, on a soft warm base of vanilla and amber.

Heliotrope, Vanilla, Bergamot, Amber, Sea ​​buckthorn

What are your memories of the Dutch island Texel? Beautiful views, sun, wind and of course the scent of the sea, the nature and herbal meadows. How wonderful would it be to take that scent home with you? The Barhorst family realized this idea and created O'de Texel together with perfume designer Tanja Deurloo. The result is the fragrance and scented bodycare TX365, which embodies the good life and freedom when staying at Texel.

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Dive into the world of marine freshness with the Aquatic fragrance family! Breath the salty air and feel the ocean breeze while you drift along on the gentle waves of the sea... Perfumers create these refreshing and relaxing sensations by using fantastic perfume notes, such as calone, helional, melonal, vetiver or algues in their perfumes.

blue fresh sea with waves and coastline

Ode Texel TX365 - showergel

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Tanja Deurloo perfume designer - Salle Privee - O de Texel - CottonCake - Annindriya

Tanja Deurloo

Tanja Deurloo is a perfume designer and fragrance expert. Fascinated by the senses, Tanja obtained her master's degree in Physical Organic Chemistry at the University of Utrecht. After almost 30 years of working for international companies in fragrances, personal care, food & beverages and chemicals, she decided to chase her dreams: to start her own fragrance company. Annindriya and Perfume Lounge were born in 2007 and 2009 respectively. Added, Tanja created all the fragrances for Salle Privée, a Dutch fashion and perfume brand, and for Kenko, an all-natural skincare and perfume brand.