Nez - Blackcurrant Bud in perfumery | Perfume Lounge
Nez - Blackcurrant Bud in perfumery | Perfume Lounge
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Blackcurrant Bud in perfumery

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Do you want to know more about blackcurrant bud in perfumes? Then this booklet is for you!


These ‘notebooks’ make us very happy, which is why we have included them in our collection. For perfume lovers and those interested in the background of natural perfume ingredients. Nez Éditions and Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR) join forces and knowledge in this issue about natural ingredients in perfumes.


This gold standard for the perfume industry resulted in the series The Naturals Notebook. In this instructive publication you can read all about blackcurrant.


Cultivated in Burgundy, France, the fruit of the blackcurrant bush is famous for its use in liqueurs and aperitifs. But it is the bud that is employed in perfumery: Green and fruity with a liqueur-like bite, blackcurrant bud absolute is a high-end ingredient that constitutes one of the rare natural fruity notes in the perfumers’ palette. Explore the many facets of this mauve and unpretentious bud, journeying from botany, history, art and gastronomy to agriculture and chemistry, without overlooking, of course, the world of fragrances and their creators.



Authors: Éléonore de Bonneval, Mathilde Cocoual, Olivier R.P. David, Jeanne Doré, Anne-Sophie Hojlo, Delphine de Swardt.
Publication date: april 2021
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9782491567194
Format: 16 x 21 cm

The Naturals Notebook, for perfume lovers and all those interested in natural perfume ingredients and their backgrounds. Nez Éditions and Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR), two superpowers in the perfume industry, join forces and share their knowledge in these publications on natural ingredients in perfumes. These informative booklets contain just about everything you want to know about a particular ingredient and are on their way to becoming the golden standard for the perfume industry.

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Blackcurrant Bud in perfumery

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