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Marc-Antoine Barrois - No4 scented candle
Marc-Antoine Barrois - No4 scented candle
Marc-Antoine Barrois - No4 scented candle
Marc-Antoine Barrois - No4 scented candle
Marc-Antoine Barrois

No4 - scented candle

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A spicy carrot... Marc-Antoine Barrois' new scented candle N°IV is a nod to the big blue rabbit of their boutique in London, 4 Piccadilly Arcade… a blue carrot (carrot, lavender and iris). 


A bouquet of white flowers, illuminated by the sun's rays, gives off a delicate powdery fragrance. The scent of clean, too, fresh from the bath. A chest of drawers filled with clothes. Little cloth bags, trimmed with violet flowers, emit a soft, washed scent.


4 Piccadilly Arcade, St. James's, London: immerse yourself in the fantastical world of this boutique, where the imaginary worlds of Peter Pan, Mary Poppins and Alice mingle - with its blue, XXL, upside-down rabbit welcoming and intriguing. And what does a blue rabbit eat? Blue carrots, of course! A candle that takes us back in time. Like Alice, we let ourselves fall. Weightless. Diving into our childhood memories. Quentin Bisch imagined a candle scent created around this particular delicacy, with a nod to lavender, one of England's iconic olfactory markers.


The candle of 220 grams burns for approximately 50 hours. 

Carrot, Lavender, Orris, Musk

More than ten years ago, Marc-Antoine Barrois started with an haute couture fashion brand, where eye for detail, timeless elegance, and charisma are most important. But what is haute couture without haute parfumerie? To translate this special brand to a perfume Marc-Antoine found the olfactory talent of another young designer. While Marc-Antoine evokes the intangible, emotions and his imagination, Quentin brings them to life with precision and talent in perfume. Together, they bring something exceptional into the lives of their customers, by designing unique and timeless perfumes. From the iconic Ganymede to B683 and a very special new fragrance launching April 1st. 

No4 - scented candle

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