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Bravanariz - Essais Sempreviva | Perfume Lounge
Bravanariz - Essais Sempreviva | Perfume Lounge

Essais Sempreviva - eau de parfum

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SEMPREVIVA by Bravanariz is the Mediterranean sun in a bottle. Lemon, fennel, pine and immortelle. Sempreviva means ‘always alive’ and is the Catalan name for immortelle (Helichrysum italicum). When you cut the flower, it keeps its colour and smell for years. Its yellow buttons concentrate the solar radiations and turn the Empordà’s fields into a golden sea in an attempt to emulate the burning star.


Sempreviva is like diving into the ever-returning energy of the sun. It is not hope what this flask contains, but confidence and warmth. Citric, in a solar way. Fresh and light. A reinterpretation of a “cologne” with the intensity of a solar perfume. Like always, Bravanariz is breaking labels and classifications, breaking borders, and opening untrodden roads… This is what the ESSAIS/Olfactory Digressions are. Our most radical, experimental, and digressive family of olfactory experiences. 


A note from Bravanariz: This is not a “perfume”. It is an Olfactory Digression and supposes a completely different olfactory experience. It does not comply with the IFRA standards, and for that reason is not recommended for topical use. It may contain allergens. It is important for you to test it on your skin before buying. This is why we only sell it in exclusive perfumery shops, where specialized personnel will assist you. Unfortunately, we cannot make a sample of this perfume due to the limited availability of the testers, in our store this perfume can be experienced and tested.

Orange, Immortelle, Fennel, Pine, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary, Juniper

Perfumer Ernesto Collado of Bravanariz ('brave nose' in Spanish) captures the natural scents of the untouched landscape of north-eastern Spain. He makes 100% natural and unfiltered perfumes from the collected fragrant plants. With his concept of 'seasonal smelling' he wants people to reflect on the scents of each season.  "I want to formulate with my hands, I want to get dirty, to touch and smell, to really follow my nose and have a much more intimate and primitive relationship with nature." - Ernesto Collado

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The citrus fragrance family is juicy, sparkling, and energizing. Perfumes with citrus tickle your nose by its fizzy fresh top notes. These zesty fruits elevate your mood and bring a smile to your face! Enjoy the colorful varieties of bergamot, lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, mandarin, yuzu, cedrat, and more.

Essais Sempreviva - eau de parfum

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Spaanse natuur in een flesje gebotteld
Spannende anders dan anders geur
Marika Salomons - 2022-04-02
Ernesto perfumer - Bravanariz

Ernesto Collado

In 2014, perfumer Ernesto Collado Sala followed in the footsteps of his grandfather (a leading perfumer). He decided to translate his love for nature into capturing the scent of a location, of a walk. With this he makes 100% natural and unfiltered perfumes. He deliberately does not filter the scents to preserve their natural aspect. You can see this in the small particles in the scents, pure nature.