Pierre Guillaume Paris - 11.2 Spicematic - 100ml | Perfume Lounge
Spicematic - Pierre Guillaume Paris | Perfume Lounge
Pierre Guillaume Paris - 11.2 Spicematic - 100ml | Perfume Lounge
Spicematic - Pierre Guillaume Paris | Perfume Lounge
Pierre Guillaume Paris

11.2 Spicematic - eau de parfum

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11.2 Spicematic by Pierre Guillaume Paris is a modern aromatic creation with lots of saffron, spicy ginger and mint. The saffron and innovative molecules result in a great leathery feel, getting warmer over time due to the ginger and the resinuous woods. Incense and mint add a mineral cool, almost stony touch.


Pierre was inspired by the molecular distillation of incense. This is Pierre, as chemist, at his best: using innovative techniques in his creative perfume design process. We definitely agree with Pierre Guillaume’s description for Spicematic, being “marble water”: an intriguing take on this hard and cool, precious stone material.


The name playfully reflects the spiciness and the aromatic character: Spice-matic.

Saffron, Incense, Oakmoss, Ginger, Cedarwood, Pine, Jasmine, Musk, Mint

Creations from perfumer Pierre Guillaume all have a strong character. This classically schooled chemist is an independent perfumer who works from his studio in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The use of innovative ingredients shows that he has a solid foundation in chemistry and a hunger for creation. One of these innovations he uses is a process called photo-refining: the flattening of olfactory peaks via ultraviolet radiation. This technique gives his perfumes their special characteristics, for example the characteristic liveliness in 02 Cozé or the melancholy in 05 l'Eau de Circé.

leather jacket and hair
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Discover the multiple facets of leather in perfumes. Think of the smell of a leather jacket, a pair of suede shoes, the inside of a leather bag, or an old Chesterfield… Leather gives a luxurious, seductive and elegant touch to the fragrance. But it is also dark, robust and slightly animalic which makes this smell mysteriously tantalizing.

11.2 Spicematic - eau de parfum

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Pierre Guillaume perfumer

Pierre Guillaume

When he was just 25 years old, Pierre Guillaume launched his first perfume called Cozé. Chandler Burr, renowned and respected perfume critic, described this fragrance as 'the coolest of new European fragrances from a young French chemist'. That was the beginning of his career and his own perfume house: Parfumerie Générale, which is now called Pierre Guillaume. Pierre Guillaume uses innovative processes to create fragrances. You can recognize his personal style in his perfumes, with high-quality scents that remain perceptible on the skin for a long time without overpowering.