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Vanilla fragrance note

Our favourite vanilla perfumes

The addictive scent (and flavor!) of vanilla is a mood enhancer that is soothing and comforting, but also mysterious and deep, making it irresistibly seductive in perfumes!

Vanilla has a sweet, balsamic, slightly spicy and soft scent.

Vanilla is a universally famous flavor and aroma, but what is vanilla exactly?

You may be familiar with the dry, thin dark pods 6-to-10 inch long that can be broken open to scrape out the tiny black seeds. These small seeds are actually the dried fruit produced by the vanilla orchid.

Vanilla, native to Mexico, is the flowering orchid that grows sprout pale greenish-yellow flowers. The vanilla orchid grows as a clinging vine that wraps around trees or frames and thrives in hot, humid climates only. It can take up to 3 years until the flower is fully bloom, then the flowers must be dried for another nine months to completely develop their signature aroma.

The natural process of producing vanilla is incredibly labour-intensive, which makes vanilla the second most expensive spice on earth after saffron.

Since vanilla is so expensive, most vanilla in perfume and flavor products are synthesized and consists mainly of vanillin.

Vanilla Bourbon and Tahitiensis

There are many types of vanilla but two are commercially used in the flavor and fragrance industry:

  • Vanilla planifolia, also called bourbon vanilla
  • Vanilla tahitiensis

Scientists have analysed as many as 171 different ingredients present in vanilla. Vanillin and heliotropin turn out to be the most important in terms of their smell and fixative properties.

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